Election Meditation Session

Hello America. It's us, Canada. We've noticed you are suffering from a dangerous level of political stress, and we're here to help. Namaste.

Canada for Governor 2018

Canada's first foray into American state politics.

Canada: America's Best Choice

Gives us the old college try, America. We promise to be gentle.

Canada Gives Donald Trump
Apology Lessons


From the country that knows a thing or two about apologies.

A Message from Canada's
Black Guy


A message to Americans, from the Great Black North.

Canada for President 2016


Because seriously, America. Seriously.

Meet the Canada Party



Why Canada stepped deeper into North American politics.

Canada officially "The Most Interesting Country in the World"


Because Chuck Norris said so. (unofficially)

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Endorses Canada for President

Grand Master of the Commonwealth


Queen Elizabeth, reigning British Monarch, puts the support

of the entire Commonwealth behind Canada's quest for the

U.S. Presidency.

Meet the Candidates

Election 2012 Review


Can't remember who among today's 20+ Presidential candidates ran in 2012? Here you go.

Campaign Promises

Election 2012


For a full sense of how President Canada will change

America, we recommend reading our book

The Canada Party 

"Downfall Bunker Scene"




2012 Concession Speech


Hey, we tried.


Gay Marriage - A Message from
the Canada Party



Easily the gayest thing we've done yet.

Gun Control - A Message from
the Canada Party



Guns, guns, and more guns. Did we mention guns?

Climate Change - A Message from
the Canada Party



Despite that little misunderstanding with the Titanic, we remain fans of icebergs.